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Baker Hughes

Camco is an exclusive supplier of onshore drilling services using Baker Hughes’s
leading-edge directional drilling, measurement-while-drilling and logging-while-drilling technology. Camco also supplies these services on an exclusive basis to Libya’s National Oil Companies offshore.

Baker Hughes’s drilling solutions lead the industry, allowing operators to find solutions that make drilling more accurate and efficient while minimizing costs and allow operators to reach their target depth quicker with pinpoint wellbore placement, allowing operators real-time reservoir insights and the ability to continuously track drilling performance.


In collaboration with Weatherford, Camco provides advanced technologies for both cased hole and open hole wireline services. Camco also provides ‘COMPACT’ logging services, using Weatherford’s cutting-edge logging technology.

Weatherford’s wireline technology allows better understanding of reservoir characterization, formation evaluation and more effective integration of data from different disciplines.

TGT Diagnostics

Camco uses TGT Diagnostics category leading ‘through barrier diagnostics’ which provide a wide range of proprietary diagnostic systems and products that help oil and gas companies keep wells safe and productive.

Camco uses TGT’s ‘True Flow’ and ‘True Integrity’ to provide operators with insights and answers beyond the capabilities of conventional technologies.