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Camco offers a comprehensive range of surface and ESP well testing services. Services include the provision of 5k and 10k surface testing packages, multiphase flowmeters, green burners, gauge tanks and surge tanks and all other related accessories. The testing separators and the MPFM are all packaged as trailer-mounted mobile units. This setup allows expeditious rig-up and rig-down operations. 


Our well tests provide valuable information that helps determine the economic productivity of newly drilled wells to establish whether a well is producing to its maximum potential or to evaluate the results of a workover. 

Multi-Phase Flow Metering (MPFM)

Camco’s multiphase flowmeter (MPFM) systems provide accurate measurements of the flow rates of oil, gas and water in wells without the need for separation or mixing facilities. MPFM technology has been applied in many of the world’s leading oil and gas provinces. The MPFM’s non-intrusive design and dual velocity method for handling phase slip gives the meters a wide operating range that is not limited by the efficiency of the upstream flow conditioner or splitter. 


Applications include enhancing oil recovery (through production and exploration well testing, permanent monitoring, choke performance and gas lift and ESP optimization), production analysis (including prediction of gas breakthrough and water coning) and allocation metering. The system, which is small and suitable for installation in remote or unmanned locations, copes with high production rates, high pressure, high temperature wells and H2S service. 

ESP Well Testing

We have offered ESP well testing services since 1996. Our services cover supply and installation of all downhole and surface equipment required to operate ESPs and continuous monitoring systems in drilling and workover situations. Downhole monitoring and control are achieved using the Phoenix sensor, an integrated solution for monitoring ESP performance. Attached to the bottom of the ESP string, the sensor transmits signals to the surface to provide a real time picture of downhole events.


Camco provides a wide range of sampling services, including bottom hole sampling, surface fluid sampling, atmospheric dead oil and water sampling, well head sampling and cased hole monophasic single phase sampling. Our capabilities also include onsite sample validation and a comprehensive service for sample bottle management, handling and storage.


Reservoir fluid sampling is a vital tool for production engineers, enabling them to characterize fluids under downhole conditions. Camco uses state-of-the art Leutert equipment to provide PVT-quality bottomhole sampling services and surface sampling services. These rugged, stainless steel systems operate on the positive displacement principle and offer pressure compensation, mercury-free sampling and minimal dead volume. 


Our sampling systems are suitable for operations in deep, high pressure, high temperature (up to 15,000 psi and 350 ) wells and sour environments (including hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide). They are also suitable for operations involving heavy oil wax and asphaltene wells and can be applied in both onshore and offshore environments.

Drillstem Testing

Camco provides drill stem testing (DST) services to help customers assess the dynamic properties of their reservoir and to assess potential productivity before a permanent completion string is installed. Camco DST operations enable operators to assess the flow properties of their reservoir, the quantity and quality of hydrocarbons in place, estimate a production lifecycle and decide on the most appropriate completion tools. 


Camco provides cased hole DST services for standard size well bores using a 5” DST string with full multi-cycle operating capabilities. 


The Camco DST system enables customers to conduct production and injection operations, gravel packing, fracturing, acidizing and stimulation jobs. The Camco DST can be run in conjunction with TCP and ESP. 

Artificial Lift

Camco offers a complete artificial lift solution. As one of the first companies in the Middle East to install ESPs, Camco’s services cover supply and installation of all downhole and surface equipment required to operate ESPs and continuous monitoring systems. 


Covering the entire life cycle of an ESP from design to procurement, installation, maintenance, pull, repair, and exchange, Camco also operates state-of-the-art assembly, repair and test centers. These centers are designed to optimize the total cost of ownership and maximize the value to our clients. 


To ensure production optimization we have a client center which integrates surface monitoring and control systems (SCADA). 


Camco offers different commercial models that vary from standard product sales to lease contracts including performance-based contracts, giving our clients the flexibility to choose a tailored solution that covers all their needs. Camco also offers sucker rod pumps (SRP) to cover different artificial lift applications and needs.