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Camco offers a wide range of oilfield services using industry leading technology

Camco's Systems

Camco offers a complete range of slickline services for land and offshore operations including downhole measurements, sampling, fishing, completions, swabbing and other well interventions. We have the capability to take on projects that involve rigless operations in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. 


Camco systems, including slickline units, pressure control equipment and independent crane trucks for rigless interventions, are designed to deliver heavy-duty service in desert environments. We also provide a range of offshore equipment, including an offshore zone-2 containerized slickline unit and offshore skidded mast. 


Our slickline tools are available in multiple sizes to meet the specific needs of customer operations. 

Cased-Hole Logging Services

Camco provides production logging, in both real-time and memory modes, cement bond logging, TCP correlation, depth determination, plug and packer setting and free point identification services. 


Our cased hole logging service is delivered from heavy-duty 6×6 trucks that can access off road areas. Camco logging trucks are designed to operate in extremes of temperature and are ideally suited to campaigns in desert environments. 


We provide an extensive range of logging systems for standard wells operations, including, the ‘Radial Bond Tool’, advanced telemetry systems, a range of flowmeters, water hold up and fluid density tools, gamma ray tools, production dual calipers, combined pressure-CCL tools, and correlation gamma ray-CCL tools. 

Open-Hole Logging Services

Camco provides a complete set of open hole well-logging services with a high level of measurement accuracy enabling the customer to evaluate the formation (rock and fluid) and optimize the value of the asset. Our detailed answers on lithology, mineralogy, porosity, density, permeability and fluid typing help the operator to better understand the reservoir characterization allowing the correct action to be taken. We also offer precise advanced measurements for complex reservoirs to allow the acquisition of more accurate well data and, in turn, improve potential production. 


Complex wellbore geometries coupled with the accessibility challenges of horizontal wells, poor wellbore integrity and large washouts and ledges often make it impossible to acquire reliable well log data. However, our slim wireline logging tool and unique technology overcomes such environmental challenges and offers the oil and gas industry a robust conveyance method (thru-drill pipe, pipe conveyed and thru-the-bit) reducing the risk of tool loss and failure to obtain data as well as significant cost savings. 


Camco has a strong track record for the safe and successful delivery of wireline-conveyed and tubing-conveyed perforating. We provide a range of shot density and phasing options, including high shot density systems and can design perforation programs for deep penetration (up to 69 inches) and fracturing applications.
Through-tubing systems range from 1-11/16-in to 2-7/8-in (maximum 6 spf) and casing guns range from 3-3/8-in to 7-in (maximum 12 spf). Other sizes and systems can be offered on request. 


Camco provides underbalance and overbalance casing perforation using Super Deep Penetration HMX charges. These industry-leading charges are designed to deliver deep penetration in hard rock layers and increase productivity by shooting past formation damage to intersect more of the reservoir’s natural fracture network.