Camco Delivers New Firsts in Libya

Working with its partner TGT Oilfield Services DMCC (TGT), Camco Oilfield Services has delivered several firsts in Libya in recent months.

Camco is believed to be one of the first oilfield service companies to perform a noise logging job in Libya and introduce noise and leak detection technology to all NOC companies. Dealing with one of the most complicated cases they had faced, Camco-TGT successfully performed noise logging on a sixty-year-old well which was exhibiting a surface leak and provided the client with a complete technical solution to solve the problem. Following the success of the operation, the client has asked Camco-TGT to perform further noise logging on other wells.

Camco has also performed its first corrosion logging job in Libya, on a well in the Chadar field, using TGT’s impulse tools. The age of the well coupled with the symptoms suggested a complex multi-barrier failure scenario that needed to be diagnosed quickly and accurately so that the well could be secured safely.

nd the customer selected TGT’s Multi Seal Integrity diagnostic product to locate the source of pressure and associated flow-paths. Multi Seal Integrity diagnostics are delivered using TGT’s proprietary True Integrity system, leveraging a combination of key technology platforms applied by diagnostic experts using a methodical workflow.

The True Integrity system successfully identified the sources of pressure and revealed a highly complex geometry of interconnected flow-paths between several formation layers and through multiple tube and cement barriers. Equipped with a complete diagnosis, the client was able to design and execute an appropriate plugging and abandonment program to secure the well permanently, eliminating any further risk to people and the planet.

Due to the complicated nature of the diagnosis and Camco’s successful performance, the client will be using this success story as a case study in the future.