Camco Deploys Cutting-Edge Technology in a First for Libya     

Camco has deployed Baker Hughes’ industry-leading Visitrak technology for the first time in Libya and North Africa with 100% operating efficiency and reservoir contact.  The Visitrak extra deep azimuthal resistivity technology was used to drill an onshore, re-entry horizontal well for the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO).

Part of CAMCO’s LWD (logging-while-drilling) portfolio, the VisiTrak tool offers a crucial advantage by mapping the top of the reservoir early in the drilling process, extending its mapping capability five times further than conventional tools. This early insight provided Camco and AGOCO with the confidence needed to precisely land the well at the required target, ensuring optimal placement and maximum reservoir access. This proactive approach saved costs for AGOCO by mitigating the risk of failures or misses in reaching the target.

The Camco team are delighted to have played a key role in such a landmark project, underlining its commitment to providing the latest technology and delivering exceptional results to the oil and gas operators and NOC in Libya.